U Shaped Premium Contoured Body Pillow Review

With the U-shaped Premium Contoured Body Pillow, expectant mothers can finally get a restful and full nights sleep. Sleeping is an extremely important part of mental and physical health during pregnancy, as well as being key in the correct development of your growing baby. Instead of struggling to fall asleep and get the right quality of sleep every night, just by getting one of these pillows you will immediately feel more comfortable and well-rested.

Pregnancy pillows have been proven to help prevent some of the most common problems which pregnant women experience whilst sleeping: sciatica, heartburn, carpal tunnel and nasal congestion. Some women try to remedy this by using multiple regular pillows, however the U-shaped Premium Contoured Body Pillow eliminate the hassle and fuss of using lots of pillows. You don’t need to rearrange the pillows every time you change sleeping position. Simply roll over and fall back to sleep.

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  • U-shape
  • Inner contours
  • Zippered pillowcase, machine washable

The U-shaped design for pregnancy pillows is becoming increasingly common as the benefits associated are widely recognised. For pregnant women who struggle to find a comfortable position and are not naturally side sleepers, this pillow is a lifesaver. It reduces the need to toss and turn during the night as every part of your body is supported. It also replaces the need to use multiple pillows, which often have to be readjusted during the night.

Unlike many pregnancy pillows, the U-Shaped Premium Contoured Body Pillow supports both the back and belly at the same time. The extra support is crucial in making sure that you have a good nights sleep and wake up without any discomfort in parts of your body.

In addition, the two ‘legs’ have cleverly designed inner contours which purposely follow the natural curves of your body. If you are sleeping on your side, one of the ‘legs’ will follow the curvature of your spine to prevent and ease back pain. The other side will tuck under your tummy to relieve the added pressure of your pregnant belly on both your hips and back. Unnecessary stretching of the skin on the tummy is also reduced.

If you often wake up in the morning with sore hips, this U-shaped pillow allows you to combat this problem. Due to its flexibility, it is easy to manoeuvre, so you can tuck one ‘leg’ of the pillow between your knees. This will align your hips into a neutral position and relieve any strain on the joints. By doing this, you can also regulate your body temperature, preventing you from overheating whilst you sleep.

The curved upper section of the pillow elevates the head to open the chest to aid in breathing and ease any congestion. It also properly supports the head by fitting into the neck and across or under the shoulders. You should wake up feeling no tension in your shoulders or aches in your neck from laying at the wrong angle.

The cover is easily removed through a zipper which runs around the entire pillow. It is machine washable and there is no fuss trying to put back on. Expectant mother should ask for assistance when removing the cover and trying to put it back on, so as not to strain themselves.

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At under $60, this pillow is much cheaper than similar pregnancy pillows. However, you still get the same high standard of comfort and quality which is expected. Not only will a pregnancy pillow of this type aid in sleeping, it will also provide relief for expectant mothers who are tired and fed up from the lack of sleep.

When you buy the U-shaped Premium Contoured Body Pillow, you don’t just get a pillow. You will find that your mood improves, you energy increases and your body feels refreshed. The pillow can also be used during the daytime for relaxing in a variety of positions.

It comes in a variety of colour options and you can purchase extra removable zippered pillow protectors for diversity.


This is an extraordinary pillow which isn’t just used by pregnant women. It can be used by people who experience excruciating back pain, arthritis in their joints and even those who are recovering from surgery. By supporting the body in the places where it is most needed, it relieves any aches or pain which may develop over the night. Overall, this pillow is very beneficial and ensures a good night of sleep for anyone who struggles to get the rest they need.


  • Comes with specific instructions on how to open the package from its vacuum seal and shake it out to ensure 100% fullness of the filling.
  • Inner contours not only support your body in all the right places, they create an extremely comfortable cocoon for you to fall asleep in.


  • In some cases, customers have found that the zipper breaks easily when trying to remove the casing to wash.
  • Due to its large size and bulkiness, the pillow can retain a lot of heat which can cause some discomfort when trying to sleep. This could be solved by ensuring that the room is well ventilated.

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