The Dreamsweet Memory Foam Body Pillow Review

As the first maternity pillow which is made of memory foam, the Dreamsweet Memory Foam Body Pillow is one of a kind. Not only does it offer unrivalled support, it can help you get a much more restful nights sleep, especially in the later stages of your pregnancy, when women often start to feel discomfort during the night.

It is perfect for women who prefer a firmer consistency in their pillows, yet it still maintains luxurious comfort. More often than not, it is really hard to find the perfect pillow which is both comfortable and helps you get a good nights sleep. As companies often equate comfort to softness, many pillows end up lacking the essential support needed for many people, which can therefore lead to neck and shoulder pain.

This body pillow from Dreamsweet is firm yet comfy and will make you wish you’d bought it sooner. Not only will you have satisfying sleep quality, but you will wake up with less pain in your joints or aches in your muscles. Getting the correct quality and amount of sleep is extremely important for your general wellbeing. Not only will you feel more physically able, you will also feel an increase in mood levels and mental wellbeing.

Using a single body pillow also replaces the need for lots of different regular pillows. Rather than having multiple pillows to support the head, the belly, the back and between the knees, a body pillow will ensure that all parts of your body will get the support it needs.

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  • Memory Foam Filling
  • C-shaped

As the Dreamsweet pillow is 100% Luxury Shredded Memory Foam, it gives much needed firm support to prevent pain, particularly in the neck and across the shoulders. Using memory foam also allows far more air circulation, which better helps to regulate temperature. The lasting support allows you to find a natural and comfortable position for your body, so that you can sleep peacefully throughout the night.

However, there have been some reports from customers that the filling is packed inside the casing too tightly, which makes it difficult to mould or shape. As a consequence, the fabric and seams appear to be too tight and any attempts to change the curvature of the pillow results in tearing.

Yet the C-shape offers enhanced support to the neck, head and shoulders, in comparison to regular pillows. In addition, the lower curve is perfect for aligning the hips and separating the legs to help regulate temperature.

Depending on how you use the pillow, it is designed to support either the back or stomach. You can choose to rest your tummy on the middle section of the pillow or rest your back against it and eliminate any tiresome pain.

It isn’t just pregnant women who would benefit from this pillow. Anyone who suffers from unnecessary pain whilst in bed is urged to purchase this pillow. It does wonders for aligning your spine into a neutral position, relieving pressure on the hips and on the shoulders. Subsequently, you will feel a more positive sense of wellbeing when you wake in the morning, setting you up for the day ahead.

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Amazon offers a fantastic price for this body pillow, especially one that provides so much support and comfort. Because it retains its firm consistency and is very unlikely to lose its supportive qualities, this pillow can be also used after your pregnancy. If necessary, it can even be used throughout multiple pregnancies, whilst still delivering high levels of comfort and support.

And the uses of the Dreamsweet Memory Foam Pillow are not just limited to sleeping. You are able to use it whilst relaxing around the house. For example, shape the pillow into a loop and wrap it around body whilst watching television or reading. This way, the pillow properly supports the back and prevents any lower back pain, which is extremely common and problematic in pregnant women.

A new velvet cover is also available to purchase separately, offering enhanced softness and comfort.


The memory foam pillow doesn’t flatten like other body pillows, so there is no need to wake up in the night and readjust. It conforms to the shape of your body to give heightened comfort and to support the areas which need it most, such as your belly, neck, head and back. With the Dreamsweet Memory Foam Pillow, you can sleep easy, knowing that you will wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to go about your day.


  • Using memory foam pillows will ensure that you are sleeping on the correct firmness of pillow for proper body support, reducing discomforts associated with sleeping and pregnancy.
  • Small enough that it can be used in bed, the pillow is also large enough that it supports body comfortably, without it feeling awkward or as though you are forcing your body into unnatural positions.


  • Unfortunately, it is not advised to wash memory foam, as it may loose its consistency. The pillow itself is not machine washable yet the covers are able to be removed and washed.
  • There is always a slight odour associated with memory foam, however with this pillow, it is usually very slight and will fade rapidly after a few uses.

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