Oversized Total Body Maternity Pillow Review

As one of the largest maternity pillows you can buy from Blowout Bedding, this pillow provides relief from the discomforts of pregnancy and will ensure you get a good nights sleep. Not only it is full body sized, but this pillow is oversized, in order to give the highest standard of comfort to expectant mothers.

The Oversized Total Body Pillow ensures full support for the entire body, preventing many of the unwelcome aches and pains associated with pregnancy. You will feel as though you have been enveloped within a cloud. You can go to bed with the guarantee of a restful night of sleep. As well as being super soft, filled with Polyester Fiberfill, the pillow is unique due to its long, straight shape. This means that you can arrange the pillow in any way you like, so that it fits your body’s needs.

With this pillow, there will be no more sleepless nights, which can lead to irritableness and fatigue during the day time. To ensure your pregnancy is as stress-free as possible, use this pillow to improve your quality of sleep and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized for the day ahead.

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial during pregnancy, not only for your own mental wellbeing, but also for the proper development of your growing baby. With this pillow, you will be supported in a wide variety of sleeping positions, and you can also use this pillow to provide comfort whilst relaxing.

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  • Oversized
  • Easily mouldable
  • Versatility of positions

Rather than just measuring the size of a full body, this total body pillow goes an extra step further. It is massively oversized, measuring 130 inches (or 3.3 metres, or just over 10 foot long). Because of this, the pillow will support every part of your body, from the neck, head and shoulders, to the back and tummy and the hips. Of course, as it would suggest, this pillow takes up a lot of room within the bed, however, when you consider the comfort received, this pillow is more than worth it.

Because this pillow is neither U or L-shaped, this gives it extreme versatility. Instead, the pillow is very long, straight and easy to mould. You can shape the pillow to suit your needs and your specific body shape. For the first few months of pregnancy, you could use it anyway you desire. But towards the middle of your pregnancy, you could mould it into an  L-shape, so the pillow will support your growing stomach. The bottom half of the pillow can then slip between the legs or knees to align the hips and help to regulate temperature. During the last few months of pregnancy, it might be beneficial to form the pillow into a U-shape, so that it supports both the back and tummy simultaneously. This prevents back pain and stretching of the stomach.

With the Oversized Total Body Pillow, you can sleep or relax in various positions. Whether you are a side, back or restless sleeper, you can use the pillow to help you find a position which is most comfortable for you. It will help alleviate any sore muscles, arthritis in the joints, neck and back pain or congestion. And if you like to relax on the sofa or floor whilst watching the television or reading, then you can use the pillow to properly support your back or feet.

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It is one of the highest selling pillows on Amazon and is mid-range in price. Judging from the number of positive reviews, it appears that this pillow is extremely good value for money. You get enhanced comfort and a wide range of shapes and uses, which is unlike any other pillow currently being sold by competitors.

You can continue using this pillow to aid sleeping after you’ve given birth. It can provide some extra support and comfort during your recovery and also help as you nurse your child. However you want to use the pillow, you will certainly get total body support and high quality comfort that will lift your mood.

Now, the pillow also comes with a zipped cover. Additional protectors or covers are available, although they are sold separately and will subsequently cost a bit extra.


The Oversized Total Body Maternity Pillow is unlike any other currently on the market. Due to its immense size, every part of your body will be cradled and supported, preventing discomfort. Furthermore, the long straight shape of the pillow allows for a diverse range of uses, according to your needs. There isn’t a pillow which can rival this one’s custom fit.


  • Extremely versatile, you can be as creative as you like and shape the pillow any way imaginable, whether you’re using it to sleep of relax.
  • Perfect for any sized woman, this pillow with envelope anyone within its softness and ensure that you are comfortable whilst you sleep


  • Some women have reported that the stuffing tends to go slightly lumpy, especially after excessive adjusting and arranging into different positions.
  • As the pillow is very large, it may be hard to move around, particularly for pregnant women. They are advised to do so with caution and ask for help.

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