Leachco Back ‘N’ Belly Contoured Body Pillow Review

From the makers of the best selling maternity pillows, Leachco offers a revolutionary pillow that helps pregnant women sleep better. It can be extremely difficult, especially during the later stages of your pregnancy, to find a comfortable sleeping position. Sometimes, sleeping whilst pregnant can be a chore: unsatisfying, frustrating and painful. The Back ‘N’ Belly Contoured Body Pillow allows expectant mothers to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling happy and rested.

Leachco understands that getting the right amount and quality of sleep whilst pregnant is paramount for your own mental and physical wellbeing, as well as being key in the development of your growing baby. This pillow provides the ideal support for your tummy as it grows throughout your pregnancy.

It supports multiple sleeping positions, perfect for if you are a side, front or back sleeper, and also helps to ease and prevent many pregnancy associated problems, such as sciatica pain, heartburn, congestion, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome. The special contours of the pillow ensures the correct amount of support for every part of your body, unlike single-sided body pillows which often neglect the specific areas of your body which need the most support.

Cleverly designed, the Back ‘N’ Body pillow requires no fuss and no hassle .Unlike single-sided body pillows, there is no need to reposition during the night. You can be assured of a peaceful, uninterrupted night of quality sleep.

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  • U-shaped design
  • Inner contours
  • Custom fit
  • Removable, machine washable case

The Back ‘N’ Body Pillow has two contoured ‘legs’ which are designed to cradle each side of your body. This ensures that equal support is provided for both the back and tummy. The best thing about this particular pillow is that it has hourglass inner contours, which are curved in the right places so they fit snugly to your body shape. They aid in supporting the entire body by curving into your back to prevent back pain, and to fit beneath your tummy to stop any stretching of the skin, due to sleeping on your side.

The top end of the pillow is curved into a U-shape, which is wonderfully soft and comfortable. It fits under the neck to elevate the head and give support, helping to ease and prevent heartburn, which is a common complaint in pregnant women. This neck support also eases nasal congestion and chest pain which can occur whilst sleeping.

For those women who find they get particularly hot during the night, they might be put off by the thought of such a large pillow surrounding them whilst they sleep. However, you are easily able to tuck either of the two ‘legs’ of the pillow between your own legs or knees, in order to help regulate temperature and prevent yourself from getting to hot. This useful way of using the pillow also has extra benefits. It elevates and aligns your hips to obtain a neutral joint positioning, relieving any strain on your hip joints, which stops you from being woken by aches and pains.

Furthermore, the Back ‘N’ Body Pillow is extremely mouldable and can be easily adjusted to suit your specific needs and body shape. For example, if you need extra elevation of the head, simply reverse the ends of the body pillow, so the ends of the legs are near your head. Then overlap them to achieve ‘double decker’ head support, which is great for women who suffer severe gastric reflux whilst they are expecting. The fantastic capabilities of this pillow allows for women of all shapes and sizes, with any type of sleep preference, to experiment and adjust the positioning of the pillow so that it is right for them.

The pillow and case is made of polyester and is soft and springy, providing ultimate comfort. The casing can be removed and machine washed. The Back ‘N’ Body pillow is significantly lighter than other total body pillows, so it is safer for women to lift and move around themselves. However, it is still advisable to ask someone to assist you.

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Although you are paying $64.99 for a single pillow, it is more certainly worth it. By purchasing the Back ‘N’ Body pillow, there is no need to use multiple pillows; it is all you need. Using lots of smaller pillows to support parts of your body results in having to reposition them during the night, whenever you roll over. With this pillow from Leachco, you can simply roll over and fall back to sleep with wasting time and energy.

It is also extremely versatile, so you could use it for a variety of activities, such as relaxing on the sofa, reclining on the floor or to help prop you up whilst reading or using a computer. You could also curl the legs into a circular position to create a sort of ‘nest’ for your tummy, allowing you to sleep on your front. And why not take the pillow with you, whilst you are in labour. You can stay comfortable and manage to get some much needed rest before delivering your baby.


Overall, the Back ‘N’ Body pillow from Leachco appears to be a perfect solution for expectant mothers who are experiencing sleeping difficulties. Not only will you find you have a more restful and satisfying night’s sleep, you will wake up feeling happier and more refreshed, which is important for your general wellbeing whilst pregnant.


  • Provides both back and tummy support to relieve aches and pain around the entire body.
  • Innovative inner contours allows the pillow to fit snugly into the natural curves and shape of your body, providing much needed extra support and comfort.


  • Some users have reported a small seam on the inside of the U section which digs into their shoulders slightly.
  • The pillow is rather large and takes up a significant amount of room in the bed, which may make it difficult to fit two people comfortably.

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